Thursday, February 25, 2016

Boarding in Bude

A quick paddle on Bude canal with Kate followed by a less than successful surf session. 


Monday, February 22, 2016

The view from Matts hat

A few quick snaps from the top of Matts hat.  I gave him my Gopro for our second run down the Rio Mouro as his had run out. 

More photos, video and full trip report soon.

SUP city, SUP guide training

With an up coming SUP guiding and coaching course I thought I should get out and keep those important safety skills up to scratch.
Luckily I had a willing guinea pig in the shape of James.
We bust out on to the canal on a windy and grey February day but managed to find some sheltered spots to work on towing. And of course we managed to sneak in a quick hydrating pint at Double Locks. the return trip was somewhat quicker with the wind behind us.
James did really well for a first go, no falling in (good job, the water is still kind of chilly) and soon wanted to go faster.

 Setting out from the canal basin. A safe and easy launch spot.

Dressed for the occasion. Water temps are still cold despite the mild winter weather. 
Full salopettes, thermals, quick draining footwear and a pfd. 
A PFD is personal choice but highly recommended. In warmer water I may forgo it but in winter it helps with keeping your head above water which helps stop the cold water immersion shock and is great extra insulation. Always wear a leash, your board is a pretty big pfd. 

 Kneeling is the most stable position for  the rescuer but it is harder to paddle. 

 Standing is much more efficient for paddling but can be less stable and you get a bit of a judder when the board behind catches up with you. 

 James after successfully tackling the low bridge. 

Rewards by the log fire at Double locks.