Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Change of direction

So the last 18months have seen a a transition on the trails for me, from the bike to the feet mostly.
Getting out on the trails I used to ride before I crushed my spine but a little slower is still awesome and has presented a new challenge: Trail running. Turns out I really enjoy it and am not actually rubbish at it either! So in early summer 2016, a little longer that two years after my first race (Haldon heartbeat 2014) I have signed up for my first Ultra marathon!
The Endurance life Classic Quarter is a 44.5 mile beast on the Cornish coast from the Lizard to Lands end.
Frankly its a ridiculous distance and a very very big challenge for me. It could well break me, it could make me.
I've suckered some good friends into it so I am not alone which defiantly helps.

Training has already begun, and I am just off to France to train and race in Brittany for a few weeks. Watch this space!

Cap de Chevre to Point Dinan on the Crozon peninsula. exactly the same terrain as Kernow. This was a tough 13 miler, can we really do three of these back to back?....