Thursday, August 13, 2015

Exeter Canoe Loops micro overnighter

 Ryans birthday canoe camping micro bivi overnighter on the River Exe and Exeter Ship canal.
A fine evening paddle down to the Passage house in Topsham for a swift one then a BBQ and bivi on the banks of the canal.

Aquagliding.......great conditions for SUP paddling. 

 A bit weedy in parts but super clean for a busy waterway.

Shoreline Sports Bude Triathlon 2015

I hit up my first Triathlon this year. A short sprint style event down in Bude Cornwall. Hosted and run by Simon Hammond and his team at Shoreline extreme sports.

I thought a Sprint  (short distance) might be the one to do for a first try. I might have been wrong when it came to talking to people about it. Short = fast! Anyway it was pretty good fun but i still didn't enjoy the swim. I prefer to have my board with me in decent swell.  The bike and run went ok though and I was happy with my time in the end. (results at the bottom)

Setting up in the transition area. My swim to bike was not that quick but I didn't forget anything

Getting ready for the off. To my suprise it was a water start, I thought it would be a run into the water. 

500mtr sea swim. What you can't see here is how rough it was further out, a good size 3ft swell. 

Up the beach.

Water, bike shoes, lid etc. 20km bike ride in hot weather. 15kms constant uphill and 5 kms flat and down.

 Feeling strong heading out on the 5km run. 

                   Prepped. All in all a good event. Not sure about doing another though.

Ewart Aylward
Finish Time
Overall :103 / 206
Gender :80 / 136
Categ :30 / 47
Race No :432
Overall :114
Gender :87
Categ :38
Overall :128
Gender :100
Categ :36
Overall :68
Gender :57
Categ :19
Split Name
Time From Prev Leg
O Pos
C Pos
G Pos
Exactly half way overall, not so great in my cat (senior men) the winner was GB tri team who finished 19 mins in front of me. 57 out of 136 for my run though. Happy days.
A good weekend with my silly event mates Ben and Mel including some surfing, SUP surf and BBQ action. 

This vid makes it look really nice.