Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Grand Western Canal.

 I took a trip along the Grand Western Canal with my Dad. Its where I first learnt to paddle more than 25 years ago. 
I had never been the full length so we went end to end and back. 
Lunch at the Globe in Sampford Peverille was nice, a few cheeky beers on the way. A bit of canoe sailing on the return with my Tarp. No other canoes or kayaks on the water (it was mid week though). 

 Foolishly I didn't make any notes so can't remember any of the bridges etc. (this was back in Sept)

 The aqueduct was a lot smaller than I remember it as a kid. Funny that. Crazy that they were still building the canal when the railway was already there. 

 Lots of May flys and Dragon flys. Very clear water in parts and lots of fish. 

 Not sure what this little hut was for. Maintenance I guess. A good history of the Canal can be found here: Tiverton Canal co. 

 Near the far end from Tiverton (Lowdwells) the water got very clear. There must be some fresh water entering at some point. 

 Waytown tunnel. We pulled up just near the tunnel and made camp for the night. A clear night under the trees with a fire and beers. 

Lowdwells basin at the Taunton end of the canal.   A very interesting trip and a very pleasant underrated flat water paddle. Perfect for familys or your first canoe camping trip. The venture prospector 16 we used was the perfect boat. Loads of room for our gear (stowed away in some Ortleib drybags) and a nice easy stable paddle. This was provided by A.S Watersports in Exeter

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