Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Uganda Flash back

My second trip to Uganda and the White / Victoria Nile back in 2005 .Amazing big volume playboating and chunky rapids. Of which a lot is now under water due to Dams.
 More water into the hole = more water out right?!

 Andy, Backstab Nile Special.

 Andy, Bottom of Bladerunner, one of the back channels.

 Andy, Sidekick Nile Special.

 Me, Blunt Nile Special.

 Bottom of Bladerunner.

 Lead in ramp on Bugagali falls. This rapid was lost to the Hydropower flooding. 

 Dropping in for a little play.

 Emily Jackson, We taught her to play poker. Pretty sure Andy won the Jackson kayak co for the day. Daddy EJ not too pleased!

 Its not all radness on the waves. Chill time at the hairy lemon.

 Kayak grave yard.

Little wave above Silverback. Trying out Sidekicks and helix's

 Stephen Wright. Big Blunt. Nile Special.

 Tom "Squirt Zombie" Bailey going big. NS

Flames make you RAD.

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