Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter wonderland.

Hey 3bsports fans. Still here. Just checking in after a low blogging period. A very satisfying winter of white water kayaking resulting from most other peoples misery of too much rain.
Lots of runs on the mighty fine River Dart including a few over night trips, a first time on the the West Dart, and a fully completed (all rapids run) run on the Upper Dart. This means I have now run it from pretty much the source (except a few kms from the normal considered runnable put in) to the sea. (Well Dartmouth) not all in one go but nice to have done every section. A few weeks back Max and I paddled from Holne Bridge to Totnes which meant my first go on the lower section before it hits the tidal waters at Totnes. The Totnes to Dartmouth bit I did a few years ago as part of the South West Sea kayaking meet after the launch of the SW sea kayak guide book launch at A.S Watersports.

First trip down the Upper Dart in late Oct after surgery last March with new friends.
 Not the smoothest of runs but great all the same. 

One of a few dawn missions on the Loop. "Dawn raiders assemble"!

Another over nighter, this time on the Torridge in North Devon, 27 miles of touring bliss. (I think)

Waking up to cows and a quick surf. 

Revisiting rivers I've not paddled for a while with friends I hadn't paddled with for a while. The Tavy, with old mate Robin and new mate Jamie. Both seen here.

An afternoon out to the South coast with the boss. Paddling under London Bridge nr Meedfoot beach Torquay. Lucky enough to see dolphins on this trip.

This was boat testing for work and the Holne to Totnes section on the Dart.
So there are some more photos from recent trips to go up but not a bad little sweep of a few trips of the winter. Now looking to summer and more adventures. starting with a trip to Greece to paddle some canyons at the beginning of April.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random photos from Italy

 A laidback approach to safety.

 How much stuff?

 Best ever riverside risotto.

The fantastic Soana.

Uganda Flash back

My second trip to Uganda and the White / Victoria Nile back in 2005 .Amazing big volume playboating and chunky rapids. Of which a lot is now under water due to Dams.
 More water into the hole = more water out right?!

 Andy, Backstab Nile Special.

 Andy, Bottom of Bladerunner, one of the back channels.

 Andy, Sidekick Nile Special.

 Me, Blunt Nile Special.

 Bottom of Bladerunner.

 Lead in ramp on Bugagali falls. This rapid was lost to the Hydropower flooding. 

 Dropping in for a little play.

 Emily Jackson, We taught her to play poker. Pretty sure Andy won the Jackson kayak co for the day. Daddy EJ not too pleased!

 Its not all radness on the waves. Chill time at the hairy lemon.

 Kayak grave yard.

Little wave above Silverback. Trying out Sidekicks and helix's

 Stephen Wright. Big Blunt. Nile Special.

 Tom "Squirt Zombie" Bailey going big. NS

Flames make you RAD.