Friday, February 22, 2013


I hate going back these days on the whole. Its nice to see some mates but most acquaintances I can leave.

Today was different, really great to get back and get out the bike with my mate Simon. Never really ridden together much, apart from the time I broke my collar bone on his stoopid fixie!

Very impressed by the speed and stamina of the lad, really gives it some and shames the gears.
A bit bloody cold though and after the two weeks+ off the bike from my last big ride in cold weather due to freezing my chest I was a bit wary of going to hard.
So we knocked out a little 20 miler that took in some pretty decent hills (and a touch of  "leg stretching!") out and about the back of Tiverton on some roads I can remember exploring as a kid.

Shame about the ice on the descents. Could have let it out a bit more. Still all rounded up with a nice coffee and Portugues chocolate cake and a good catch up. Bang on really, riding with friends, coffee and cake. Happy days.

 Not the same as having the DH bike propped up.

 Weird satalite/ weather station thingy.

 Crazy fixie loon.

Cruisin' the lanes. 
Ride route here:

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