Sunday, February 03, 2013

A suprise arrival.

 Ok so this was a good one. Another that I had to type in after as not logged in.  A repeat with friends required to help me make it up the hills. The first climb (and it actually registers on the climb grade thingy) is easy. Out of Exeter up Cowick street and Dunsford Hill towards Mortenhampstead. Hang a right and go along the top of Exwick. Drop down towards Whitstone and then thats where I got lost.

 So this is looking out over Ide (ish)   3/4 of the way to the top. A quick break whilst I documeted the ride of course. All in the name of reporting for 3bsports.

 Lush out though.
 Surley this is only one corner even if you come at it from two directions? Never seen this before. I quite like both names though, a little contradictory I think.  Hanging and cuddly.

 Will this shot make it in to the "In to the sun" Project?

 From the top the big climb a fantastic ridge ride, undulating but never and nasty suprises. The next time round will be faster. Just blind enough on the descending bends to have to stay on the brakes.

After this ridge a nice long descent. And the suprise? I arrived in Crediton having no idea where I had been going (not a pre planned route).

A moment of realisation that I now was further out than I thought I had been and the main road back to Exeter was coming. The main road was not as bad as I thought and actually an easy ride.

It was somthing like this:

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