Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still here!

Yeah, its been a while. Still here though. Shoulder is giving me major issues again, Im one ht list for a second lot of surgery. This time a bone graft from my hip to my shoulder to rebuild the socket and a ew other tightening procedures. This should be just about into the new year., it will put me back off the bike for about 8 weeks at the very least and out of a boat for at least 6 months, more like 8-10. Not sure if I'm physked or not.Pretty much in total I will have been out of a boat for about a year by the time we are all said and done. If the op goes well and I smash my rehab its all good. But its tricky surgery and at present Im not that positive about it all.

But in the meen time...... Its on with roady life. Still holding out on the lycra though and trying to get wheels muddy where possible.
Now on mapmyride to keep it all logged and help with the incentives.

Will keep ya'll all posted.

Had a couple hours free for a cruise today. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/150027521


riderruncompany said...

you got a road bike? lets go for a ride some time, i have a road bike as well now buddy

Ewart Aylward said...

Yeah cool up for that. managed to loose all my numbers. Mine hasnt changed, ping me a text. Fitness at an all time low. Another injury filled summer...... and now more surgery to come. Wicked!

John said...

Trying to get in touch with you, Ewart. do you have an e-mail or FACEBOOK account?
John Flowers

John said...

Hi Ewart,
Hope all is well in Exeter and at AS Watersports.
Is everything merry at the new shop? I looks fantastic, plus you're a little closer to the water.
The visit to Exeter in 2010 remains high on my memories list.
I'm coming back to the UK in June 2013. So far all the arrangements have been
for Yorkshire but Exeter beckons. I'm booked in a B&B in Grassington through June 24th, approximately. Would like to hang out a few days there and maybe do a day or two on the water and perhaps a day or so hanging out in the shop and possibly lend a helping hand. Double Locks is a right fine memory as is the Hour Glass Inn but we mustn't forget a good game of darts!
Sending my best Christmas and holiday wishes to all.

Ewart Aylward said...

Hi John,

Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well. It would be great to see you down here in Exeter and Im sure we can get out on the water. A hand in the shop never goes amiss, my tea cup always needs refilling hehe.

The best way to get in touch with me is via email at work.
sales@aswatersports.co.uk its the main address but I do the emails every day so will pick it up.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards