Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rolling again!

Whoo f&*kin hoo. I'm back on the wheels.
Ok, so its just on tarmac at the moment but this is a pretty big deal. Didn't ride a bike since last June due to my herniated L1 and L5 discs and am now pretty happy to have ridden on the road again. Only done 45 mins or so but this time last year that would have had me bed ridden for days literally not being able to walk.
Slow progress but super happy.

Pete F has lent me his road bike (jeez, its twitchy) so I can do some slightly longer rides and see how it goes. My plan to ride off road by Christmas is looking much more likely. Even so, that will make it almost 18 months since I was riding off road.

Happy days. Will report back.

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