Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A fine day out on the Lyn.

 After a day and night of rain and the Dart not coming up until earlier this morning I kept with the plans to go north to the Lyn. A sweet paddle with my old work mate Roger. I even managed to hit up the double drop on the Brendon section for the first time in years.

Roger about to exit crux 1 in Myrtleberry Cleave.

Half way through the dog leg and about to head right for the boof....

 With the Watersmeet gauge on .75 there was nice levels through the whole run. Not high but clean lines and the sun was out. Perfect early summer paddling. The plus was the fisherman who gave us a nice hello before asking if we were having fun and that he was also a paddler.

 Amazing weather and stunning veiws. Looking back at Lynmouth.

Looking out across Exmoor.

Lets Customise!

 Here is a little photo blog of a quick customisation I have made to My Yak Titan Drysuit.  I have never had a drysuit before due to a latex allergy so before I went off to the Pyrenees for some boating at the end of April I got myself sorted. Basically I replaced the inner Latex neck seal with a glide skin neoprene one. Whilst I wasn't sure if it would be dry enough I thought I'd give it a go. There is a similar style product about to hit the shelves in your favourite canoeing store very soon. I suspect this wont be the end of them either.

Ok top picture: Ripping out the latex neck seal. It went pretty well and dind't tear the outer neo neck. It did leave all the glue behind. I wasn't sure wether to try and pull this off, so had a go. It was had work and I decided to leave it there and glue on top of it.

With the latex out I set about putting a layer of Black Witch on the outer seal that was left behind and on the new seal as well. This has to dry before applying another layer which goes tacky before pressing the two together.

 Nice, tidy work. Not really, its quite hard to make this clean. I now realise how difficult a job making and repairing drysuits is.

 The new seal folded down on to the outer seal. I've stretched it over a paint tin to try and get an even shape and to hold it in place for drying. You can proberbly see the wrinkles in the seal. I wasnt sure if I would get a water tight seam at this point.

 Black Witch. or Black Wizard Neoprene glue. Perfect for customisation and repair work.

Almost job done. Hanging up to dry. After this was dry I put a trickle of Stormsure between the outter and inner neck seal from the top. Then I knew I had a dry seal at least from the outside!

So far its working. More reports on just how well very soon. If you suffer from Latex allergys and can only wear neoprene neck seals the glide skin seal I used is found on other Yak Adventure Equipment products.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012