Thursday, March 01, 2012

Pair of Knees

Ooh, nothing like a cheeky Euro kayaking trip to kick off the summer. Val Sesia in the Piedmont regionof northern Italy was all set for late May/June any way. All good.
And then... Find out about some wayward souls with a space in their car going to the Pyrenees in late April. Bonus!
This is somewhere I have wanted to visit again after my biking trip in 2010. This time a little further north and more into the Spanish side but I reckon its all good.

A few vids from the tube to whet your appetites:
Im not if these guys are making it look harder than it should.... of if its 'ard. a touch more bedrock than the UK but not to disimilar in places.

Looks good. Lots of tight steep creeking. Bingo.

Probably the most exciting/scary bit is going with a team I've never paddled with, let alone go on a 10 day mission!

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