Monday, February 13, 2012

Pyranha Dart Fest 17-19th Feb

Pyranha Kayaks are hosting their Dart Fest this coming weekend at the River Dart Country Park.

A.S Watersports are having a Pop Up Shop at the event for the weekend. Loads of wicked deals on kit and Pyranha kayaks. Get ya selves down there.

Dart Fest

18th- 19th February 2012

'Paddle all day, party all night'

Join the Pyranha team for a weekend of boating, coaching clinics, competitions and of course the party at the Dart Country Park, in conjunction with A.S Watersports



'Leg Up? A Confidence Boost' - Chris Eastabrook Coaching

Kayaking is mental; yeah it's crazy to hurl yourself off waterfalls but I'm talking how we apply ourselves to a situation. This has a dramatic influence on the outcome.

Whether you've had a recent knock, or are trying to push your boating to the next level, this session will help you. Everyone works in a different way so the session will vary depending on those on the course and video feedback will be used, when appropriate, to give you the most from the session and a direction for the future.

Full Day Session £50


Boating in the 4th Dimension - Chris Eastabrook Coaching

Timing is all, knowing the movements behind eddy turns, river running and boofin' is key but knowing when and where is vital too. This session will focus on all elements of timing within your boating to apply the skills you know and develop them into more.

The session will be tailored to those on the course and video feedback will be used, when appropriate, to give you the most from the session and a direction for the future.

Full Day Session £50

For booking contact Chris on 07843098980 or email

Saturday night Talk

Overcoming fear - Paula Volkmer

Synopsis: Paula Volkmer talks about her experiences of being a female kayaker in the mainly male kayaking community, the impact of fear on her kayaking and how it affects kayakers (of both sexes) and their progression in the sport. Paula also offers her top tips on how all kayakers can work on overcoming their fears and move on to paddle more difficult rivers.

For more information see the Facebook Page

Burn Baby Burn

Just found this image of me in the Pyranha Burn at Cardiff white water course. We spent the day there testing creek boats prior to our trip to Italy.

A.S Watersports have some great deals on what is possibly the UK's favourite white water kayak.

Old paddlers never die, they just get back on the water.

A beautiful photo by my Mum. Red boat is my Dad, back on the water for the 2nd time in 20 years.
He came to Exeter to go on a guided trip as part of the Exe Big Paddle.
For more pictures go here: A.S Watersports news blog

Paddle and a Pint.

There's not much white water about so off to the pub we go. A very windy paddle in the open canoes to Double locks on an other wise lovely January day.

Tompo and Binky in the Old Town Charles River 163 at the swing bridge on the Exeter Canal.

Check out the route here: Paddle Points  Paddle points is an easy to use guide to put in and take out spots, hazards such as weirs, points of interest, and other info such as parking, shops and canoe clubs.Use it to make up your own paddling route. Registration is really easy and you can then add your own Paddle Points for others to use.