Friday, January 13, 2012

Off the bike, on with life.

Well what do ya know? The Docs know some stuff, enough to tell to get off my bike. Most likely permanently.
What started out as a what I thought was a tight hamstring from too much riding actually turned out to be two herniated discs in my spine. L1 and L5 to be exact. (down the lower end.) Caused most probably by a big impact. No recollection of a crash that hurt my back but I've had a fair few crashes!  Lots of Physio, MRI scans, Consultants etc and its is a no go for riding. The exploded discs press on my S1 nerve which comes out the base of the spine and down the left leg. Pressing on the nerve inflames it and then you cant bend, walk, sit or do just about any thing.  Had a  nerve root block injection( massive needle into a very small hole in my spine.left me feeling like I had been hit by a crow bar in the back) in the middle of December which has improved things greatly. More mobility and much much less lower back pain.  The bikes have been put away for now. It may heal itself in time (how long know one can tell me for sure, or  if it will either). Kayaking is still good to go and a nice warm and wet winter has seen more action than expected. The broken collar bone, ( did I mention that?) is feeling ok too.
So fitness, well after a very long summer djing and drinking beer (oh, its a tuff life) fitness is not at an optimum.
Oddly the docs have said that running will be ok for my back. So I'm gonna be out running the same trails I used to ride. Try not to hit me if you see me!

                             Scan of my back. The slanty yellow line runs through the popped disc.

 Thankfully Elbry over at Vandal is continuing to support me for the watery stuff so we will keep shit flying over to the Vandal blog as it happens.

 See you on the trails.

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