Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Italy video from back in May

Italia 2011 from kate howell on Vimeo.

Health update.

Broken collar bone is healing slowly and the injection in my spine is set for early November.
I should be back in a boat before Christmas but not so soon for the bike.
It looks like no off road riding for this winter which sucks pretty hard.
The last time on a bike off road was back in May.........

Physio is getting upped and the turbo trainer is coming out as soon as the back feels a bit better.

Exe action

 So, seeing as though I'm still off the bike and out of the boat staying mobile consists of walking. Today whilst out and about by the river i saw plenty of boating action. Exeter Uni canoe club practising some polo and Exeter School learners getting to grips with moving water.

Mafia trails owner Tom leading the session.