Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dartmoor b'day ride

Went for a little birthday ride on the Moor with Sam today. A hash up of the Nutcracker, Bowermans nose and Haytor/manaton area descents (and climbs). I couldn't quite remember the route so just did what we could.

Dropping into the first descent of the day off the back of Haytor towards Hound tor. Great slabs and steps. Wet and slippy...

Basiclly west and grim all morning.

At the top of Hunters tor before the Nutcracker. Nice style beys!

Camouflaged amongst the blue bells. Would have been lovely if the sun was out.

Lost in Lustleigh Cleave.

Triscombe 2

New shoes please.

Boxxers are riding sweet.

Triscombe uplift sesh.

A fun day out at Triscombe. Look at these average Greeks. Andy before tree hugging.

Dan looking very Euro enduro.

Almost day ending mechanical again! Inside of my boklt through axel. No idea how that happens...
Tom KP and me.
Dan, Andy and Pete all loving the undergrowth so much they rolled around in it.