Sunday, April 03, 2011

Three lap pump track challenge!

Here we go, a little bit of prepping for the Vandal pump track road trip over the summer. The deal is three timed laps with out stopping, fastest lap wins. Did three on my bike and three on Jims. Two different set ups, my fully ridged single speed STP and Jims Trailstar with pikes on the front.
Just the inner ring,(new sewage going in on the outer).
Start at the little rise before the first berm, no peddling.

Jim heading for the finish.

Right, you lot can have a go too. Just for fun post some times, to give you an idea mine went from a high 16 secs for slow one at the start and at best a low 12. Jim's was similar.
16 secs was pretty ropey and the 12 wasnt that bad. Doable in under 10, but under 8?
Use any bike you want.

Fully ridged for the first time. Jims suspension forks kept the wheel on the ground more despite the higher bars and front end but I reckon there is a pump track blaster hidden in this beast.


riderruncompany said...

did three laps all clocked 10 secnds, so i think if i did not kill my self on the first and i could of gone faster on lap 2 maybe?

Ewart Aylward said...

Fair dos, I think under 8 is do-able.
the second or third lap should be quickest. lap 1 is just to get going. I might try again weds eve after work.