Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bella Italia 2011

edit: I forgot to mention the other reason for posting this. The first picture on the blog was of this drop all the way back in 2006 and one of the reasons I started the blog in the first place.

Its not long now until more of this. Piedmont and Ticino might be a little on the low side for water this year but it will still be great. Sequence of the final drop on the Lower Sorba. A birthday drop and celebration beer!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kick turn

Dans always got a good selection of random plank-age at his place. Flexi as but fun and cruisey.

3 Lap results

Spot the lurk. 1st place went to Elbry, just over a 10.

Sy Savage, manny the triple..

Pop the double. 2nd place with a low 12.

3rd place forks. Hovering around a 13. A few dabs, some cheater cranks and inventive lines.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Three lap pump track challenge!

Here we go, a little bit of prepping for the Vandal pump track road trip over the summer. The deal is three timed laps with out stopping, fastest lap wins. Did three on my bike and three on Jims. Two different set ups, my fully ridged single speed STP and Jims Trailstar with pikes on the front.
Just the inner ring,(new sewage going in on the outer).
Start at the little rise before the first berm, no peddling.

Jim heading for the finish.

Right, you lot can have a go too. Just for fun post some times, to give you an idea mine went from a high 16 secs for slow one at the start and at best a low 12. Jim's was similar.
16 secs was pretty ropey and the 12 wasnt that bad. Doable in under 10, but under 8?
Use any bike you want.

Fully ridged for the first time. Jims suspension forks kept the wheel on the ground more despite the higher bars and front end but I reckon there is a pump track blaster hidden in this beast.

Size matters.

Bigger is better! Uplift is great for big bikes. Triscombe uplift service by Duncan and Landy. Good lines, dodgey lines, mechanicals, blagging, thrashing and crashing. All in all a good days Dh. Crews from Juice lubes and Adam at the Bike shed and some from Big Peaks, Torquay and Paignton. Good luck to the guy who dislocated his shoulder.

Very rooty all day. Pete poppin'.

Greasy and fun.Bigger is better.


Up the hill, out of town, nice green lane back down.

Semi urban trails, from the top of Stoke Hill down to Pinhoe.

Not so much fun walking though.