Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where ever there's water.

Ewart paddles deep under ground (well, its about 75- 100 vertical feet from the entrance)

Because we can, thats why! Just as it looks we took a small play boat down the local cave system to paddle in the lake at the bottom.

It's not a difficult system to get down as the local out door centre take kids down to the lake by various routes. How ever there are some proper caving routes in there requiring ladders and ropes. The lake has a small orange line fixed at one end the cave divers use to go off exploring. It gets proper deep in there!

At times we just got the boat though the passages and chambers. Great names like Crystal, Bishops and Cheese slab. Along with some very tight squeezes. It was all done in safety though as Jim (red overalls) is a qualified cave leader and has plenty of experiance in the Pridemsleigh system.

The team with the Pyranha "Mole-an".
All Photos curtesy Jim Ottaway. Copyright.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ladrum Bay and Mutters moor.

Looking east towards Sidmouth, Lyme Regis and Portland. Starting to love this area for riding. the loop took in some nice single track in Harpford woods, a mellow flow along the River Otter and some lung busting to the top of Peak Hill above Ladrum bay.

Jurassic coast looking fine in the sun.

Ladrum Bay stacks.

Beautiful clear Devon water.

More moor. Burrator

Burrator resivour. We hit up the Prison quarry railway, Nuns cross descent and some other single track.

Hehe, maybe the clips are working. A slightly broken Dan. Not me for once!
Or it could have been the Jail Ale at the Plume of feathers!

It's down all the way to the lake. Nuns cross down is a cracking descent. A full 1o mins of loose granite babies heads.

Go south.

Big O. Checking the waves at Jacobs ladder. 1st surf of the year was on the south coast!

Foiled again at teignmouth. When will I get some waves here? Wicked little skate park though.

Blog worthy?

Ive been told this is a big deal. Finally gave in to the pressure from Tommy K and have borrowed some clips and shoes. A few weeks in and I'm getting into to it. Just for XC at the moment. Still too scared to try them on the DH bike. Don't mention the tights. Roll on some warmer weather.

Still here. Dartmoor mega ride.

thers been plenty happening. so here some pics finally from the last few weeks. Above, Jim looking a bit mooky witha suspected broken thumb 3 hrs into a 5hr Dartmoor epic. Wasn't broke though so man up Jimbo!
At the top of the climb from the farm on the way to thenut cracker descent and Logan stone. way up above Lustliegh cleave. beautiful winter weather onthe Moor. This why I don't leave the 'shire much.

Nice to get out with a big group again.