Friday, January 21, 2011


A blog of firsts. In no particular order. Unlucky a pic of my mug. My first ride of 2011. A mellow XC blast on the Quantock Hills in Somerset with Pete Ford.

First ride on my new Geax Datura tyres. Free ride mini spikes perfect for winter. Thanks to Elbry @ Rider Run Company for hooking me up. The Geax rubber on the DH bike have been sweet so I'm hoping these work out just as well. First impressions, good in the wet, not too shabby on loose rock either, bit crap on the roots and a touch slow on the soft stuff. All as expected but good all the same.

First time I forgot some essential kit, helmet and gloves. Still Pete had gloves and I took it easy. It won't be the last.

Other firsts: First paddle of the year on Tuesday was a classic pre work dawn run on the "Loop" section of the River Dart. One of the best ways to start the day. Joined by Jim and Liam who wern't even working came along just to help a buddy out. Only 3 days back from Marocco it felt a little chilly on the hands. A measly -2deg c. What was I moaning about.....

First DH ride on Sunday, first surf still to come. I reckon it may be a few weeks before I can bring my self to surf here. Thats the problem with winter surf trips......

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