Monday, November 07, 2011

Testing testing

 Being back in boat is great, but how come no one else wants to paddle at 6.30am?

 The new BigDog Storm is ment to be a G.P kayak for club and centre use. So of course I took it down the Dart!

 Autumn leaves looking amazing, only a few weeks of this and then back to bare trees, and colder days.

 Not much playing today as it was a touch low.

In the eddy above Triple two and three. A short time to reflect on the last few days news.

Boating is back

 A nice trip on the Exe and Exeter Ship canal. The old Sludge beds on the Exe at Countess wier.

 Nice tash? Movember it is.

 Typical local red sandstone. Seen all along the Western end of the Jurassic coast.

 Topsham looking nice in the sun.
 Paddling down through the yachts is one ofthe best bits of the trip.

 Topsham Lock cottage in the distance.

 Looking back to Retreat boat yard and the M5.

 Topsham, The Passage House inn and Jonny Deeps new place! (apparently, the white one on the right by the church).

P+H Delphin. Just right for this trip. Very versatile.

 The M5 bridge at Topsham/Exe marshes. The light and shadows were better than this looks.

And home on the canal.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

See you again Token

In a massive tragidy our friend Kate Howell has left us. Only knowing her for a short while was enough to know she filled the hearts and minds of every one she met, leaving enthusiasum for life in each of us.
We will miss you Token, Rest in peace. xxx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Italy video from back in May

Italia 2011 from kate howell on Vimeo.

Health update.

Broken collar bone is healing slowly and the injection in my spine is set for early November.
I should be back in a boat before Christmas but not so soon for the bike.
It looks like no off road riding for this winter which sucks pretty hard.
The last time on a bike off road was back in May.........

Physio is getting upped and the turbo trainer is coming out as soon as the back feels a bit better.

Exe action

 So, seeing as though I'm still off the bike and out of the boat staying mobile consists of walking. Today whilst out and about by the river i saw plenty of boating action. Exeter Uni canoe club practising some polo and Exeter School learners getting to grips with moving water.

Mafia trails owner Tom leading the session.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Thought I'd better post this. Just over 3 weeks in now. Hence no blog updates recently.
Another summer with no riding. Constant injury list for last 5 years almost . Time to get strong and come back.
All you kids and idiots with fixies. Ya just wrong.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welsh Kate.

We were joined in Euro land this year by Welsh Kate and Chris "the paddle "Powers. Take q uick look at some pics on Kate's World Kayak Blog.
Welsh Kates Blog

Monday, June 06, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dartmoor b'day ride

Went for a little birthday ride on the Moor with Sam today. A hash up of the Nutcracker, Bowermans nose and Haytor/manaton area descents (and climbs). I couldn't quite remember the route so just did what we could.

Dropping into the first descent of the day off the back of Haytor towards Hound tor. Great slabs and steps. Wet and slippy...

Basiclly west and grim all morning.

At the top of Hunters tor before the Nutcracker. Nice style beys!

Camouflaged amongst the blue bells. Would have been lovely if the sun was out.

Lost in Lustleigh Cleave.

Triscombe 2

New shoes please.

Boxxers are riding sweet.

Triscombe uplift sesh.

A fun day out at Triscombe. Look at these average Greeks. Andy before tree hugging.

Dan looking very Euro enduro.

Almost day ending mechanical again! Inside of my boklt through axel. No idea how that happens...
Tom KP and me.
Dan, Andy and Pete all loving the undergrowth so much they rolled around in it.