Friday, December 24, 2010


Thanks for watching and reading 3bsports this year. I'm back off to Morocco again for a few weeks surfing. look back in 2011 for more 3bsports action. Biking, boating and boarding.
Big up to Elbry, RRC and Vandal for tees, tyres and event support, Mafia mob Jam coming to a spot near you soon. Yak paddling equipment and Pete Ford for keeping me warm and dry on the short lived river season (Italy and Switzerland in May, bring it on). Any one who came and dug and rode with me, ( some of the best times) Mob Jam, Harpford, Dartmoor, France, Spain, Andorra, Morocco,every where else, Devon, Big up Devon.....Every one else who has had a peek at 3bsports, well thanks.
Ohh, no surfing or kayaking pictures? Yeah so it happend but its always a bit quicker on the water. Top sessions had all over, if you where with me I know you had fun. If you wernt. I bet you did too.

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