Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's hope yet.

Patrick at Carlmont from keithdasneak on Vimeo.

Wicked riding. Hmm, I suck.

Dartmoor rules.

Swings and stones at the West Dart upstream of Dartmeet


East Dart
Eh? Not riding up the big hill Sam?

Hamilton park vids

Hamilton Skate Park, Taunton

I reckon 2004 was the last time I had an actual ride on a skate board. Tried a few kick flips on kids boards out side my work a few times but havn't had a set up for years. Back in my yout I visited this park in Taunton but it had a shitty little metal fun box and a 1/4 in one corner. Now its one of the sickest concrete parks I've been to. Sooo smooth and fun. Only a coule of slams too. Not sure I'm gonna be back on the board a huge amount but I recon it will come out now and then. Especially if I'm around this way. Go find.

The main bowls deeper than it looks.

Sexy curves.

Little street area.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

South West Canoe Show video high lights

Southwest Canoe Show 2010 from Five Element Productions on Vimeo.

Take a look at the nice video of the swcs from Five Elements Production. Some very encouraging comments from some of the UK industry leaders about a show I had a reasonable hand in putting on. Glad its all over for a mounth or two before planning starts on the next one!

White water returns

Oh yes the white water season has returned to the westcountry. Two trips on Friday with massive water levels was a great season opener. The Dart was nicely through the third arch at Newbridge so was lots of big bouncy wave fun.
Monday evening was a bit late getting to the river, putting on to the upper Dart at 7pm in dusk is not really the thing to do. However it was dusky untill we hit the broad ledges and the real meat of the run. A swift team descision to walk around Euthenasi falls and Suprise Suprise was welcomed by all as the lip of the drps could not be seen enough to hit a good line. Paddling out in the pitch black was a bit bumpy and Liam had some good rock/paddle interaction resulting in a set of snapped paddles. Add that to a set lost on Friday morning and hes not all that pleased. Still it washed the summers dust off!

An over night trip is on the cards for a few weekstime. Stay tuned for pics of that definatley!

Friday, October 01, 2010


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