Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bloggings back.

Sam, front left, Mike front right and Grace second right holding tight on the class 4 drop at the end of the Gorge St Pierre D'leys. River Aude. French Pyrenees.
Sorry its been so long. A busy summer so far. July saw a trip to Europe, Southern France, Spain and Andorra. A good amount of riding and a sneaky paddle. This first blog of a few is a day trip rafting for my friends and a sneaky paddle on a new river for me.

In a borrowed boat and kit this class 3 and 4 gorge run was a great day on the water. Its always nice to hit up a new river in an area you have never been. The Aude is one of the main rivers in the South west of France flowing from the Pyrenees to the Med. It is also one of the main wine producing areas in France with vine yard on every available square inch of soil. Of course you have to try the local produce!

Massive thanks to the guys at the rafting centre for trusting that I could handle the water. Having said that they still wouldn't trust me with any descent paddles! Loving the Bumper lid too!

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