Monday, June 14, 2010

CSR System 3/2

Yak's sister company CSR kindly sent me a wetsuit to use in Maroc. The System 3/2 was perfect if a touch too warm for the 16deg water. Stretchy, nice tight seams that didn't leak and didnt flush when I got drilled.
Check um out here: Wicked wetsuits

Friday by the sea

Friday evening xc action by the sea. Out the eastside again. Harpford, Mutters moor, Peak hill.

Wicked coastal views and a not too shabby descent. Shame about the puncture Sam! Wicked bang though.

First test for Elbrys new Mountain Cycle "Rumble". Bar ends and spds!

Rubber Ronnie

Out of the back of Elbrys van on to my rig, the Geax rubber works pretty well in the dry and rocky trails of Triscombe uplift. Should be good for the upcoming Andorra trip.

Surfs Up!

It was only 6 months ago but....... finally we have some surf pics of our trip to Maroco from new year. All these pics are Anka point new years day 2010. Double over head for real. Only 20 peeps out. Every one else too hung over. I'm out the back there some where. More to follow. check the last one to see the size! Mackin!
All photos by Seb- Sac Magique.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Eastside still

Not really looking like its semi name sake, "Mini Afan" is getting really good fun. Smooth lines and loads of jumps in a bike park style. With a touch of air as well.

Same hill as before, same corner. Sam takes advantage of sweet corners.

May in the east

Lots of riding photos coming up. Plenty of riding in May, Afan xc, Triscombe dh, Mafia Mob jam, Yettington jumpy stuff, Woodburyxc, Exeter 50/50, Haldon xc racing!?, digging, riding, laughing.

A constantly changing riding hotspot becoming a favourite. Dirt jumps are looking bmx again.

Same hill, new blatent mini 3pack.

Stones and sticks and Sun light.

Sam down the woods on his bike.