Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mob jam. Its on. Bankholiday Sunday.

The Mob Jam and dual slalom showdown events are on! Lots of work has been happening up the trails with the new line being finished today. The roll in got finished and ridden, a few tweeks and it will be perfect but it rides ok at the moment. Th enew big gap at the end of the run got a touch up on the take off and a few more barrows on the landing. The 10ft gap launch is looking smooth and long. We will have some photos up asap.

Every thing else is also riding well and theres loads of roost in the turns. To sweep or not to sweep? That is the question.

If you get involved in a mates on mates dual slalom showdown and doin' some jumps etc
Drop us a line:
Bikes, bbq, beers and bank holiday, a recipe for fun.
Funn components, and Vandal clothing all lending support.

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