Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mob jam. Its on. Bankholiday Sunday.

The Mob Jam and dual slalom showdown events are on! Lots of work has been happening up the trails with the new line being finished today. The roll in got finished and ridden, a few tweeks and it will be perfect but it rides ok at the moment. Th enew big gap at the end of the run got a touch up on the take off and a few more barrows on the landing. The 10ft gap launch is looking smooth and long. We will have some photos up asap.

Every thing else is also riding well and theres loads of roost in the turns. To sweep or not to sweep? That is the question.

If you get involved in a mates on mates dual slalom showdown and doin' some jumps etc
Drop us a line:
Bikes, bbq, beers and bank holiday, a recipe for fun.
Funn components, and Vandal clothing all lending support.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Local DH

The joys of spring. Woodland Sorell at this local DH spot. I've mentioned it before but for now if you don't know, I'm not saying.

Tom, sideways and blurry.

Pete sideways and pointing at some freshness.

Bundy, Ted. Trail blazing danger hound.

Every thing including the kitchen sink.

Pete rides too.

The Goldilocks shore drop lead in to the three bears has gone. It will reappear in time for the Jam.
No expense spared. The kitchen facility goes in.

And so do the loos.

Sneaky practice sesh

Pete Ford, Yak paddling brand manager is very patient with a camera. I hit the new ghetto gap to try have some home run advantage.

Its only a small gap (5ft) but it really sets you up good for the mainline. Infact it gives so much speed its going to get a line of its own

Vandal Ransom Tee, makes you faster and jump higher.

Mafia re-build starts

Since the digger has been in we have lost a few bits. Rather than be bummed out see it as a fresh canvas. We built a little ghetto gap for fun. This is more than likely goning to be a new line as well. Should alomst be ready for the Mafia backyard Mob jam, May bankholiday. Get in touch, leave a comment with some details.

Gehtto gap taking shape.

Pump tracks take forever!

When we thought we wanted a pump track we never thought it would take this long.
Digger round 1. Clear your area!

Maybe we can get these badboys up and running again?

Loads of room. Who's got dirt?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Evening Races @Haldon next week.

In preperation for the upcoming Fully Sussed evening race series we had a few blasts up to Haldon the other week in the pouring rain. No cross country whipitisum for us. It was single speed hero action. In other words I still haven't wacked some different cranks on the Norco. So jump bike it was. Glad I haven't cut the seat post down!

The red run is way more fun in the dark and wet with no lights.
Check out the Fully Sussed site here, its just for fun, no prizes, just glory.

Spy shots, Yak Rescue lines

We got a sneak preview of the new Yak paddling equipment safety and rescue lines last week. These are a massive improvement on the current throwlines from Yak and even at their higher than most price will be a hit.
Why are they so good?

Here's why: A completely new bag, a much larger opening at the top with some very easy to grab handles. Perfect for quick repacking or just grabbing and filling with water for a re-throw. (much more likely with a throwline, if you miss first time its unlikely you will have time to re-pack.)
A much fatter 10mm floating line. The smaller bags only have 8mm flat floating. This stuff has a core so it doesn't pull thin with the strain of a swimmer or boat on it. Its also much easier for a swimmer to hold on to with cold hands, runs through pulleys better and will last longer.

As you can see in the picture strong styling and wording let you know this is a safety and rescue device. It says that it is one on the bag, it also lets you know how long it is, perfect for when you have a long throw, you know you will have enough rope to use. Having the length on the bag also helps persons who haven't used the line before know how long it is.
The loop at the bottom is sewn webbing which attaches to the line inside the bag. Much stronger than using the line for the loop and prevents hands getting stuck in the loop.
The bag can be worn around the waist with a quick release belt if that is what you prefer.

Personally I think this is the most innovative part, the bag has a pocket on it. Not some thing I have seen before. The pocket means you can get essential equipment to those who need it. As seen in the picture it could be a mobile phone, more rescue equipment such as pulleys, krabs or slings. Hopefully some one will chuck me a Snickers or some food if I'm stuck on a rock or just the the side of the river.
The bags are available very soon in 15 mtr, 20mtr and 25mtr. With prices £49.95, £54.95 and £59.95 respectively.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Italy in spring

Following on from the Val Sesia: Share the love post on UKRGB I have dug out a little vid from Simon Morsey and I just had to stick this one back up. Photo by Kate Donelly

Little mash up vid from Simon Morsey

Thursday, April 01, 2010