Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bore-ing photos

A couple of weeks ago I went to Wales with Jim to ride the Severn Bore. I had been a few years ago but was unsuccesful. This time around we teamed up with Palm equipments Cheesey, Nick H and Tim Trew. These guys have riden a few bores now and dished out some top tips.
No real photos of us on the waves as we were too busy paddling and enjoying the madness of 30 people on a massive tidal push going the wrong way up the River Severn! these are just a few pics I snapped when we got off the water around 9am. (we got on at about 8am, it was a very frosty but beautiful morning).

Severn Bore pub. One of the most popular vantage points for many reasons!

After the Bore. The water level rises around ten feet. You can kind of make out the water flowing UP stream!

Old and new, There is all sorts of different surf craft. The yellow kayak is a modified P+H Surfer complete with massive drop down skeg at the back. A nice flat hull for surfing as well. The blue boats are new Dagger Axiom's. A great river runner and pretty well suited to riding the bore. Nice and tough for when the massive trees hit you or some surfers try to run you down. Yikes!

Cheesey's totally classy P+H Surfer mk2. This is a very classic surf kayak from the 70's. Not many around. This belongs to Cheeseys bro Snowy. Buy all accounts it was a bit of a handfull on the bore wave. I had a look inside and there was basicly no seat and no back rest.! Ie: no control.
Take a look at this youtube footage to really see what it was like:

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