Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flower Pots Student Rodeo

The Pots rodeo went off back in Feb.
We hooked up the Exeter uni club with some massive road maintenance lights thanks to the guys at A-Plant plant hire in Exeter and some pumping sounds thanks to Leo at Sound Events. DJ Redbelly wacked on some banging tuna and the paddling begun.

As always for topnotch events Yak Paddling equipment provide great support in the form of prizes and much appreciated chips for cold paddlers in the bar.

Check out the movie they made of it here. Some weirdy beardy at the beggining cant seem to stand still.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mafia compound update

Mmmm-Matock. Officially a trail digger's best friend.

Elbry has been at work getting this finished up. Almost there so looking good to be ready for the Mob Jam.
Lining up the new pump bumps in the final straight of the duel track. A small wedge then into the two bumps and a small wedge out across the finish line. Its slowed down the last bit of the track but should make for closer finishes.

Looking down the track weds pm. These are done now and feeling pretty solid.

Peter rocks the Stihl. All tracks are clear and most of the hanging stuff is now down. Lots of spare wood for building and burning. Fire jump?

Yak Board shorts

We saw these new versions of the Yak neoprene lined board shorts in 2008. At the time they were in Yakoflage but for the shop shelves they come in this wicked black and yellow style.

A new waist band is much more comfy then the old ones as it has no buckles at the side to dig in. The lace up front has gone as well, a good thing as it either wouldn't undo or wouldn't stay done up! The 2.5mm neoprene liner has a better shape and looks less baggy, keeping you warmer.
The waist band at the back has come up as well so every thing stays tucked in for warmth and if you a paddling with out a top on it stops you back rest rubbing. I cant wait for it to warm up abit and get these bad boys in the water!

Wasp style! Yak neo lined boardies.

A neat little key pocket on the right leg with a d-ring inside to attach keys.

Sweet printed Yak target logo.

Bore-ing photos

A couple of weeks ago I went to Wales with Jim to ride the Severn Bore. I had been a few years ago but was unsuccesful. This time around we teamed up with Palm equipments Cheesey, Nick H and Tim Trew. These guys have riden a few bores now and dished out some top tips.
No real photos of us on the waves as we were too busy paddling and enjoying the madness of 30 people on a massive tidal push going the wrong way up the River Severn! these are just a few pics I snapped when we got off the water around 9am. (we got on at about 8am, it was a very frosty but beautiful morning).

Severn Bore pub. One of the most popular vantage points for many reasons!

After the Bore. The water level rises around ten feet. You can kind of make out the water flowing UP stream!

Old and new, There is all sorts of different surf craft. The yellow kayak is a modified P+H Surfer complete with massive drop down skeg at the back. A nice flat hull for surfing as well. The blue boats are new Dagger Axiom's. A great river runner and pretty well suited to riding the bore. Nice and tough for when the massive trees hit you or some surfers try to run you down. Yikes!

Cheesey's totally classy P+H Surfer mk2. This is a very classic surf kayak from the 70's. Not many around. This belongs to Cheeseys bro Snowy. Buy all accounts it was a bit of a handfull on the bore wave. I had a look inside and there was basicly no seat and no back rest.! Ie: no control.
Take a look at this youtube footage to really see what it was like:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mafia Mob backyard jam update

Elbrys been on the blower. FUNN components are now supporting the event with some prizes!
Freestyle xtreme .com are going to make up a bunch of Mafia Mob jam tees to give away! Vandal clothing and Rider run Company are also giving support. theres only a few of the 40 rider spaces left so get in touch asap for a spot at this years first rider run grass roots event.

The chainsaw man is booked in for next weekend and the digger is booked for the next week as well so the trails will be running super sweet!

Check out the links here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/VANDAL/116492026919

and Vandal Clothing

Its gonna go off!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mafia Mob Jam

Elbry hitting up Daddy Bear march 2009

Mafia Mob back yard jam is coming this way!
3bsports, Vandal clothing, Funn and Freestyle Xtreme are teaming up to bring an old school back yard jam at the Devon spot: Mafia Trails.
On the May bank holiday weekend (Sunday and Monday) this should be a wicked but fun weekend of mates races on the Duel/dual track, a big air/huck fest on the bigger ladder drop "Daddy bear" and all sorts of riding fun.

To get involved drop me a line at:
redbellyATjamthechannel.com or post a comment here with your email adress or phone number.
Or Elbry (Vandal clothing) bsxworldATtiscali.co.uk

The main event will be on the sunday 2nd may with a session at one of the other local spots on the Monday. Mini Afan, Pynes Ridge and Harpford dh spots are all close by and there might even be some xc action to sweat out the hangover.

Mafi mob back yard jam:
Duel/dual slalom races (all classes, bring wot you got)
Big air / huck fest comp
Northshore sections
BBQ (byo food)
Beer (byo) There is a pub only 3 mins walk (with flushing loos, none on site)
If you need to camp over let us know.

Have a peek at some previous race fun: