Friday, February 19, 2010

Stoke woods photo update

The few corners we found last summer have very little work or use. A few bits have trees down, the local skally kids have done a bit of work and made some suprisingly fun trails but left massive amounts of rubbish. Will be back to collect that lot.

Not very clear pictures but a new bit, a few slippy corners and a few jumps and a funny hedge transfer. A good hours fun. But it lead me to a new purchase......

The bottom of the hidden berms, now starting to have an exit.

Oopps a rogue Grill Side pic. Shows the berm hip action better though.

The Fluid still rocking. Might be time for new cranks though. The old octolock things are giving up. This bikes had so little maintainence and so much abuse. Despite DH being the most fun this bike gets hammered so much. 5 inches of trail happiness.

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