Friday, February 19, 2010

Shoulda done it sooner...

I debated about this for so long, thought I could survive the winter with out them, didn't believe the hype etc. But now.... I'm a believer proper amazing in the wet and mud that Ive been riding all day. Only on the Commie for now but just might have to go on the Norc as well.
Cheers to Luke at the Bike Shed for a realistic price.

Up Front, still Vandalising!

Stoke woods photo update

The few corners we found last summer have very little work or use. A few bits have trees down, the local skally kids have done a bit of work and made some suprisingly fun trails but left massive amounts of rubbish. Will be back to collect that lot.

Not very clear pictures but a new bit, a few slippy corners and a few jumps and a funny hedge transfer. A good hours fun. But it lead me to a new purchase......

The bottom of the hidden berms, now starting to have an exit.

Oopps a rogue Grill Side pic. Shows the berm hip action better though.

The Fluid still rocking. Might be time for new cranks though. The old octolock things are giving up. This bikes had so little maintainence and so much abuse. Despite DH being the most fun this bike gets hammered so much. 5 inches of trail happiness.

Grill side photo update

After hearing the the Grill side/chalets was running again I decided to take a looky looky.A few of the older little connecting trails like Tea Pot are still there and have had some stone work done to reinforce them and St Andrews Lane is riding well although it now has lots of water gullying it out. Most of the old main lines are still totally destroyed. The new stuff is a fair way off being finished but when it is done its gonna be BIG. Not sure if the lump below is a new start ramp or a landing with no take off yet...Check it out.

Theres two of these, berm to hip action. Lots of fun. needs some drainage...

The power lines that caused the downfall.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick trail update

I have some pics from a few recent rides and boating action but for now a quick trail update and rumors.

Mafia trails, Work is still to start, chainsaw work that needs doing is halting any other progress. It will get done. Volunteers welcome.... Some work on the Duel/dual track has been done with a reinforcing of the big berms done by me.

Woodbury: Mini Afan (Yettington Plantation) Lots of fun in the bowl at the bottom of the dh runs. Some sweet jumps, hips,berms and step downs all riding very well. A new track with a BIG gap being built at the moment. All the hard work is down to Chris (sorry dont know your surname) and Bob?. Well worth a few hours play.

Spreyton is still running but vehical track have destroyed the double and berm/stream gap. Not sure if its logging work about to commence but this one might not last long.

Grill side/chalets/Andews Lane is back up and running acoording to my sources, will try to get there this week for a look. After the power lines got cleared there was a lot of damage so will be good to see this spot working again.

Not so local stuff: Tavi Woodlands/Chipshop is riding sweet the Woodland riders have been doing lots of work and we have been riding there a bit. A few races coming up there which 3bsports intend to hit up. check their site:

UK bike park in Blandford forum Dorset (Okeford Hill?) is also having a lot of work done. We went about a mounth ago and alot of the top half of the site has been pulled down. However whats going back in looks awesome. Set to have a big reopening party some time in May along with a summer series DH and 4x races. Google that.

Puddletown woods was also hit up on the same day as this was a great spot. Now bearly worth a visit unless you have a spade and 10hrs to re build.

Exmoor tracks in the pipeline for a visit this weekend weather depending.

Pics and Pots rodeo blog coming next...