Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow boating

A bit late to hit the front page as its all gone now. This is Haytor thurs 7th jan, just 12 hours after landing back in the UK to -5 degs from a nice hot 27deg Maroco a quick sleep then load up some boats and hit the snow! Haytor is bit of a sledging classic. Not always that snowy but a good long hill and loads of people having a laugh using every thing from car bonnets to snowboards to rubber rings, real sledges, skis nailed to pallets and pub drinks trays!

The "Mighty Hick truck", still hicking, 4 wheel drive proved the hick truck rules as we went off piste for some snow boat action.

Check the vid for some sliding. More snow would have been better for actually carving around. So would have smaller boots to fit inside the kayak. Fun all the same. Pyranha kayaks make good sledges.

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