Monday, January 18, 2010

3bsports in 2010

First blog of 2010. Its biking. Boarding pics yet to arrive at the inbox and boating is yet to happen. First ride was at ukbike park near Blanford Forum, Dorset. Good fun and not too wet like every where else.

Not the best pic to start with maybe, but I like it. Sam has a lurk.

Staying high and not taking too many trips to the bottom of the hill is the key to having the most fun on Okeford Hill.

Fun berms, slippy but grippy?

Finally a rebuilt bike after the replacement swing arm. Rides sweet, more riding and a few tweeks to be perfect.
In the rest of 3b news: Mafia trails, work has already begun on new berms, dual track lines and features. Heavy chainsaw work to re-open some trails soon to be done and the strong possability of work on the foam pit barn to be started before summer along with machinery lead ground clearance.

New year Anka point action pics coming soon along with other Maroco blogs.
Snow boating and other blogs coming as well. Not a bad start to the year.

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