Sunday, January 24, 2010

Double Dart

Aahh, the first boating blog of 2010 and its a Double Dart, two runs, twice the fun.
For the first dip in the icey uk waters for this year was last week with a very early morning run down the Loop with Jim before work. Thing is I didn,t even have to go to work that day. Commitment that is. Any way it was super dark and I took the Pyranha Fusion touring/river running hybrid boat. It was ok but I think for our yearly Upper dart over night trip I will be taking the larger version. (more steak and wine space).

The second run of the day in the afternoon was with Tom Klamfer and the Exeter school upper fith boys and girls. Its good to get out with this lot as they have a lot of energy and it makes me want to paddle better and play harder (so as not to be shown up...). Still it was a nice on the slab level with Top wave just about going and Triple 3 was banging. Reminding me why play boating is fun, lots of fast cartwheels and trying to coach the lads how to do blunts. They couldnt quite grasp the concept of using the shoulder radial as a lunch ramp but that may have been my explaning.

Jamie doing his best tortoise impression. Washing off the wave is no fun when the eddy is small.

A little surf for one of the lads.

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