Friday, December 24, 2010


Thanks for watching and reading 3bsports this year. I'm back off to Morocco again for a few weeks surfing. look back in 2011 for more 3bsports action. Biking, boating and boarding.
Big up to Elbry, RRC and Vandal for tees, tyres and event support, Mafia mob Jam coming to a spot near you soon. Yak paddling equipment and Pete Ford for keeping me warm and dry on the short lived river season (Italy and Switzerland in May, bring it on). Any one who came and dug and rode with me, ( some of the best times) Mob Jam, Harpford, Dartmoor, France, Spain, Andorra, Morocco,every where else, Devon, Big up Devon.....Every one else who has had a peek at 3bsports, well thanks.
Ohh, no surfing or kayaking pictures? Yeah so it happend but its always a bit quicker on the water. Top sessions had all over, if you where with me I know you had fun. If you wernt. I bet you did too.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cold Blah blah and some riding.

At last some riding/trail updates. Grill side starting to look good. A fair bit has happend since my last Grill Side update . Above, new double into berm then hip combo. Looking quality.

Theres always been a jump by this big bank next to the St Andrews lane trail entrance. This new step down jump box hip combo is pretty sweet. Looking forward to this lot being finished.

Exeter Ship Canal basin.

Cold Blah Blah part 2

Moving over to Woodbury Common as part of a reconnaissance mission for Bob and Ally from Campbell Coaching. They were down from north Wales as part of another event but wanted to check out some spots for future courses they would like to run in this area (because Devon and the SW proper rules for riding!).
More on Campbell Coaching in the next post. But for now more frosty jack.

Pines ridge jumps. Constant work in progress. The faces had set like concrete and it was like riding in Narnia.

Yeah, so it's cold blah blah. Part 1

Top three pics are the Mafia trails Tuesday this week. Bottom two, Haldon earlier in the day.
As you all know its been pretty darn chilly but also quite spectacular to look at.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New Yak brochure ready for download

The 2011 Yak and Crewsaver brochures are now online for dwon load. Check out all the new products and up dates. My hot picks for the new year will be the new black cags, The Adventure touring cag and Force neo neck cag.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vandal and RRC at Mini Afan part2

Chris Hopkins is an up and coming DH racer on the Rider Run Company team.

Sweet looking red and black kit matching his very shiney Trek Session 88.

There's a rider and a berm in there some where.

Skam getting moto over the front end. Vandal and RRC have a few events and trips coming up. For all the latest hit up the blogs:
Rider Run Company Vandal clothing

Vandal and Rider Run Company riders at Mini Afan

A quick Sunday afternoon muck about at Mini Afan (Yettington Plantation, Woodbury) with Mafia local Skam and Chris "faceplant" Hopkins and pal. Weird blurred phone pics that I reckon actually look kinda cool. Chris rides for UK distribution and importers Rider Run Company
This was his first ride coming back from a broken arm and collerbone. Chris in the red top, his pal in the blue, Skam in black.

My fave pic, Skam touching down from the drop in.

Chris rocking the Freestyle Exetrem/Shift RRC team gear.

To quick for the camera. Like an MTB ghost in the woods.

The sandy trails rolled quick with the frosty ground.

Ok, so its not snow yet.

Daddy Bear at the Mafia trails looking frosty.

Sams line set for some sort of skidding disaster!

Flower Pots Boater Exe 2010

The Flower Pots rodeo and Boater Exe went off on Saturday despite the below zero temps! Over 30 paddlers signed up to race head to head down the "Mighty Pots" weir at Mill on the Exe pub in the centre of Exeter. Exeter Uni and A.S Watersports organised this 2nd event fort November to try and get better weather and water! Unfortunately the UK was plunged into a big freeze with riverside temps never getting above -2. Still, paddlers are a hardy bunch and just got on with it!
The brave (or foolish) paddlers gather for a pre race briefing. Course details and safety info.

Racing started with a seeding run to put them into short boat, intermediate and advanced long boat cats. No different class for the ladies as they held their own against the boys! Nice to see lots of girls on the water, some with way better times than the lads!
Going around the Crewsaver marker buoy lead to some close racing and argy bargy!

As the race leader came around the back of the buoy they quite often hit the back of the pack causing all sorts of carnage!
There were swims, hole surfs, drian bung loosening and other dirty tactics, no rules racing but all with a great vibe and in a fun spirit!

After the racing prize giving was held in the Mill on the Exe pub whose car park is above the weir. They put on some great food and drink deals and pretty much sold out of coffee and hot chocolate! Here intermediate cat winner, every ones favourite Cornish man, regular suf kayak competitor and mega keen paddler Denzil claims his victory! A cheeky showing of the new kayak movie MOP 2 was shown in the bar whilst every one warmed up.
After that it was up into town for a spot more dancing and festivities. Jamthechannel honcho Bump and regular fat boy Wokka warmed things up with some funky beats just in time for Skam from Phonic Fm/Darkside beats to absolutely smash the dance floor with an hour of wicked Drum and Bass tunes. There were "boat races" (crazy student drinking games), rave rodeo cowboys and girls and lots of smiles and silly shapes on the dance floor.! Roll on the next one!

A massive thanks goes to Pete Ford and Yak Paddling Equipment for supplying over £1000 worth of Prizes! Big Dog kayaks for prizes and demo boats (taking 3 of the top 2 spots in the long boat cat) Square Rock for the "stand up in your boat comp" prizes, HSS hire in Exeter for the massive floodlights and Sound Events for the booming speakers! A full report and photos coming soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fixie and single!

My mate Simons fixed gear single speed race demon. Stealthy. Lovin' the classic silver toe clips!
Spun me out there was only a front brake! When I tried to slow down I worked out why!

Tavi pump track and dirt jumps

This is now open and should be a bit dryer, packed down etc. New pump track and dirt jumps in Tavistock, 10 mins from Chipshop and Gawton DH spots ( the new Dirt 1.04 track)

South coast spot check

Went to this pretty local but not surfed much spot recently. Other south coast spots had been working the day before and the conditions were almost right but not quite!
Super sheltered from SW prevaling winds which are almost off shore but requiring a good sw swell in the channel.

Just ab bit high on the tide for the sandstone slab/reef set up to work but I could see the potential.

Getting to the spot requires stealth and some grippy footwear.

Next time!