Thursday, December 03, 2009

This is a recent pic of the local reef break 5 mins walk acroos the dunes from the b+b we will be staying in in Morrroco. Check magic seaweed for loads more pics of recent waves. Cant wait. A quick surf at Sidmouth today some how is not quite proper preparation!!

Africa calling

Finally after what seems like years I am getting to go on a board surfing trip.
Instead of just the ususal day trips.
The last time I went for a surf specific trip was to Portugal back in 2004/5?.
This time I'm of to Morroco over christmas and new year. Sweet southern desert points and reefs with no one on them. We are staying at a friends Mums new b+b 45mins south of Agadir. Go check out the site. Looks like a nice place.

Xpose 6`4" rounded squashtail thruster. An every day type short board. Plenty of foam in the middle for easy paddling and a nice v through the fins for speed.

And for this I have allowed myself two new boards. many thanks to Jeff, Pete and Simon at Circle One for hooking me up with two sweet short boards from their Xpose range.

6`2" Swallow tail, Small pocket rocket for fast hollow waves. not sure how well I will get on with this. Definately the smallest board I have owned. But it should go well in the fast reef breaks to be found near our place.

The reports from Taz for the last mounth have been in 4-6` range every day for three weeks solid. This looks like it is to stay and probably get bigger as we draw nearer to late December.
Will post some surf pics soon.