Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White water at last!

I have finally made it back to descent white water. last weekend I managed to get on the Lower Plym with a group of ex Bristol uni peeps, Small robin and Liam from work. It was some good consistant Grd 3 but good to be on some thing other than the Dart Loop. Pics show the end of the main Plym section.At the level in the pics, a solid grd 4/5. I have run it at this level but not for a few years.

A beautiful and ancient Oak woodland. Then on Sunday i got on the Upper Dart for the first time in two years! The first time since I first popped my shoulder in June 2007. A great level with most rocks gone, plenty of water pumping into Euthenasia made for a nice huck into the drop, a quick roll and we are back in the game. Thats it now, I'm back in the white water action. keep it locked to 3bsports for more kayak fun.

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