Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Digging day at the Mafia. 150th post!

Puddles in August.

I forgot to do a 100th post so I thought I'd make note of this 150th post. And what better to celebrate with a day at our spot diggin, riding and eating BBQ.

New hip/berm transfer on the main line.

Pump bump before it to get speed.

Bustin' out the o'l STP single speed style.

Lots of nice butterflys including this Peacock.


Fordy said...

Hate to be a butterfly bore mate, but that's a Peacock, not a Red Admiral.
You can tell by the 'Peacock' feather style eyes on its wings...!

Ewart Aylward said...

yeah I know, already been told off by my sister. Forgot to change it.