Friday, July 31, 2009

Tavi woodlands summer jam.

If you prefix any event with "summer" you can be promised it will rain, and so it did.
Sunday was the Woodland Riders summer jam at Tavi woodlands, also known as Chipshop, nr Tavistock.
The setup at Tavi is now very good offering lots of short course down hill tracks from fast open and flowing to very steep and rocky. Something for every one and some massive hucks if that's ya thing.
Sam and I burnt down there Sunday morning hoping it would clear up but no. Lots of nice west Dartmoor rain, fog and a howling wind. Perfect Dartmoor then!

A good attendance though with around a hundred riders all getting mucky and having fun.
They held a few mates races type of thing but we only found out as thye started so we hadnt ridden the course and the que was massive so we passed on that and kept on riding.
2 1/2 hrs of wet fun, lots of nice jumps and technical dh. A good day out Lets hope it gets better weather next year. If you havent been to Tavi or Gawton get there soon.

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