Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick catch up

Haha! Its Tom KP going down at the OP trails some where in deep Somerset.
Its a wicked little bunch of trails that I mentioned in my last post. Just nicked some pics from Jim 3rider. This was a slippery little S bend that kept us amused for a bit!

I of course styled it!

My first time back in a surf kayak for about 2yrs! Small but fun surf at Sidmouth with some of the other A.S crew and mates.

I even had a go on Jim's wave ski. This was popular back in the 80's. Funny how it has made a small come back in the UK over the last 4 yrs. I for one wont be jumping on the band wagon. Its just not as good as a surf kayak let alone a surfboard. (of which I have had a few nice sessions at Sidmouth lately.
All pics copyright Jim Ottaway.

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