Friday, July 31, 2009

Go Pro is back

Thats right, I have a new Go Pro head camera. Thanks to James at Xtreme video in France for sorting me out a demo one. This time its the new 170mm wide angle 5 mega pixel. This is the first vid from it. The image is much better but it still needs lots of light to get the best. It looks much better when you play it back on the computer, here it gets compressed a lot for the web so the image is not as good as it should be.Over all I'm impressed with the quality and I got so many attachments I can get loads of different angles. There will be lots of these short vids in the weeks to come.
This is at Stoke woods.

Tavi woodlands summer jam.

If you prefix any event with "summer" you can be promised it will rain, and so it did.
Sunday was the Woodland Riders summer jam at Tavi woodlands, also known as Chipshop, nr Tavistock.
The setup at Tavi is now very good offering lots of short course down hill tracks from fast open and flowing to very steep and rocky. Something for every one and some massive hucks if that's ya thing.
Sam and I burnt down there Sunday morning hoping it would clear up but no. Lots of nice west Dartmoor rain, fog and a howling wind. Perfect Dartmoor then!

A good attendance though with around a hundred riders all getting mucky and having fun.
They held a few mates races type of thing but we only found out as thye started so we hadnt ridden the course and the que was massive so we passed on that and kept on riding.
2 1/2 hrs of wet fun, lots of nice jumps and technical dh. A good day out Lets hope it gets better weather next year. If you havent been to Tavi or Gawton get there soon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick catch up

Haha! Its Tom KP going down at the OP trails some where in deep Somerset.
Its a wicked little bunch of trails that I mentioned in my last post. Just nicked some pics from Jim 3rider. This was a slippery little S bend that kept us amused for a bit!

I of course styled it!

My first time back in a surf kayak for about 2yrs! Small but fun surf at Sidmouth with some of the other A.S crew and mates.

I even had a go on Jim's wave ski. This was popular back in the 80's. Funny how it has made a small come back in the UK over the last 4 yrs. I for one wont be jumping on the band wagon. Its just not as good as a surf kayak let alone a surfboard. (of which I have had a few nice sessions at Sidmouth lately.
All pics copyright Jim Ottaway.

Friday, July 03, 2009

A mixed bag.

Thats right, a mixed bag of Boatin' and Biking this week. Tuesday saw small (2.5'- 3') surf at Sidmouth. The first time in 2 1/2 years in a surf kayak. It's been all boards for that time. (as it should really). A great session though with all the shop staff including the Boss Mitch, Jim, Jemma and Kayliegh. Alice and Sam had other things to do? I even tried Jims waveski. Not going there again.

Wednesday night saw a little ride up at Haldon just to see whats happening. Check out Elbrys Gopro headcam footage on pink bike.
The new red/xc run is looking really good, flowing and fast, not too trickey. Fun for the whole family.

Thursday we went for a mooch to pastures new. Funny really. I had seen some footage of the OP trails from Elbrys blog and thought it looked nice. Then Pete Ford (Yak Paddling equipment)sent me a pic of some north shore he had found near his place in somerset. (I now know why they are called the op trails as well, its all in the name) They looked excatly them same so we went to check it out. Yup we struck trail gold. This place is cool. Smooth fun and pretty flowing tracks with loads of berms and jumps. A great little session on the shore and jump after. Lots of trails under construction which when finished will make it a great full on fun spot.
After drinking all our liquid we moved on to Petes more local spot of Triscombe for some afternoon DH fun. I had never been. This place is a massive hill full of trails of all kinds. Steep rocky rooty twisty turny stuff or smoother faster jumpy stuff. Wicked. We only managed a few runs before the Scots like flies and midges attacked and the top of the hill was too far from the bottom to walk up again. We will be back.

As usual; Photos to follow!

Gawton and Chipshop next, then a return to puddletown in Dorset. One of my fave spots.

Random boating pic.

The 3bsports up lift vehical. This time with kayaks in Norway.