Monday, June 08, 2009

South coast fish fest

Kayak fishing usually involves 3rider Jim or my house mate Phil or Tommy K. This week its been all three. Friday evening saw Jim, Tom and I at Seaton and Axmouth. An ok little mission as we got some small Mackerel, not pics as we were having to much fun.

We thought there would be some river action with all the rain on Saturday but nope. So off to Teignmouth to Phil's folks beach hut from (hopefully) a fish supper. Jim has some actual fishing shots on his 3rider blog so these are just some chilling pics. Teignmouth has a great lttle back beach that looks up river toward Combe cellers over the harbour.

Amber and Emma enjoy the Malibu 2 Xl.

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100, this is a great ilttle SOT for short day missions (5hrs on the water) and is very well laid out.
The highlight of the day was on our second trip out of the harbour to see the local pod of Dolphins just out of the harbour mouth! unfortunately no pics of that although the guys and girls at Sea Sports south west have also seen them, they got pics.: Teignmouth Dolphins

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