Monday, June 08, 2009

Scorpios and sunsets

It has been hot hot hot lately (well last week) so on my day off work I hid from the sun, caught up with some paper work and course work, fixed bikes etc.
How ever this is not all that fun. So I hooked up with Jim and we grabbed some sunset paddling on the River Exe and Exeter ship canal. Not the most challenging of water but we took some long ol sea kayaks to speed up the journey and spice up the river paddling.

The kayaks of choice were both sizes of the new P+H Scorpio and Scorpio LV. (low volume)
These are the plastic versions of the flagship Cetus and the fastest plastic kayak I've ever been in.

Stability is no problem as Jim demonstrates sorting out his flat battery.

We had fun at Countess Wear bridge. As the tide went out there is a shallow shingle bank and you can paddle hard to attain the eddy up stream and come back down the shingle bank.
This was no problem in the Scorpio.

The sun sets over Exeter. Paddling back up the canal in the dark was ok, it make the journey over faster which is never a bad thing.

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