Thursday, June 18, 2009

Axiom, All good.

We got the first of the new Dagger Axioms delivered to the shop yesterday. So course I had to have a little go. Popped on to the rive and went down to the weirs. Its an all river boat and feels pretty good. Fast enough on the flat not to make it too hard work for the longer flatter sections on easier rivers. Loose enough for some serious surf fun. I managed to get a good play in at the bottom of St James weir where the was a nice little hole. It surfs really well and i got some cool old school pop outs! I think i may well be paddling this a lot more in the winter, Especially for easier trips (which I will be doing a few of).

I'll do an update when we have had another go.
Quick kit check for this 3bsports installment:

Dagger Axiom 8.5 river kayak.
Werner Sidekick carbon bent shaft paddle
Yak Klarus Short Sleeved cag
CSR polyplush stretch thermal
Sweet Strutter full carbon helmet.
Playboater Kevlar Work deck.

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