Thursday, June 18, 2009

3bsports quick round up.

The last two weeks have actually seen complete 3bsports action.
Last Wednesday I had my first surf since my shoulder operation back in February. I hit up Bantham with big Owen and got some nice 2-3ft waves. Not especially clean but it was just so good to get back on my board. Paddled into my first wave and just had to take all the way to the beach as a little victory ride. Two hours in the water and the should felt pretty good. Just as well as I had a consultants meeting that afternoon. He was not quite so impressed with my board riding skills and told me to "take it easy".

Riding has not been quite as active but we have finally cleared a new corner on the Dual track at the Mafia trails. This now takes out the first constriction so you can actually stay online and not get an elbow in the face whilst racing. Some say its too boring but its definitely quicker so a better race. It will only improve as we ride it more and ad some new bumps and berms.

Over the weekend Skam and I went back to a lost trail that Tom KP and i found around Christmas. We took Yak Rep Pete Ford with us to help with saw duty's and after at least two hours of hard bow saw action we got the trails clear and running top to bottom. Pete got some sweet pics so we hope to have those up soon.
Not a very hard track but flowing with great berms. There are some narrow off camber sections though and some of the lines are quite tight. I still want to hardtail it as i reckon it could be just as quick. No one has been there since we went last (Trail gold more trail gold and a bit more) so we now feel that we can start building a little our selves.
Also think its ok to give the location. The track is near Spreyton off the A30 towards Okehampton. Spreyton cross on a 1:25,000 os map will do it for you. google map link: map

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