Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More un-ridden dh tracks.

If you go down to the (different woods) today you might (if you look hard enough) some more DH tracks.

On yet another trail search mission we stumbled (with a good tip off) across yet another hardly ridden DH track. This time on Exmoor. (That's all ya getting for location for now.)

Both tracks start with this little shore launch, then split. It all looks very fresh and well made.

One track heads off through your usual rooty woodland stuff with a few berms etc. Then heads into this clearing and some fatter drops and bigger berms. We never made it to the bottom. Got to be well over 3 mins top to bottom.

The same shore as above, this drops into a big fat LH berm that you can really pin.

On the right hand split at the top it's more DH territory. This is the jump line over Skams head (minding the paunch) or you can wimp out and go around to the left then switch back right and left agin by Skams feet. It carries on down the hill like this, very steep and rocky with some cool step downs and rocky rooty corners. A few more shore drops near the bottom. A nice long fire road would make for great up lift, as its a long walk from the end. A good 20 min oush on a DH bike. If we can find out the builder/ owner I will post the location. Unless some one can tell me.

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