Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vandal Blog now live

Vandal clothing now has it's own blog. Keep up todate with team riders and all the news from Vandal. A rider run clothing company for dirt bikers of all types.

Vandal Blog

Dual Slalom Showdown 3rd/4th May

Right, with the Dual track getting into shape we are having a Dual Slalom Showdown.

During the May bank holiday on Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th of May we will be racing.

Beer, BBQ, camping, a bit of party action and general bike riding fun.

Hopefully we are gonna scam some prizes but it's mostly for fun but more importantly to whip ya mates ass on ya bike!

All Welcome, if you want to get involved get in touch by leaving a comment here or email me: djredbelly@hotmail.com

Check Jim's 3rider blog for some pics: http://3rider.blogspot.com/2008/04/mafia-dual-showdown.html

Dual Track update, it's nearly showdown time!

Finally a Mafia update. We have had a small dual slalom race track at the trails for some time but now it is really coming together. The top section has been extended all the way to the top of the hill with new berms, a new jump and soon to be finished entry berms. It still has cross over points, although you are meant to stay in your lane! A dual slalom showdown will be held soon.

Jim works on the new berms, small and techy but they do catch you enough.

Todays addition, a small pump bump on the exit leading in to the wooded section.

The first jump in to the main straight starts to shape up. You can see the lines for the new entry berms. A flat sprint start from the top right corner ( behind the van) will sort the unfit.

The jump with a bit more soil.

The trails are springing into summer nicely. I love it when the ferns come up and flank the trails, it's not BC but feels primeval.
Not shown are the changes to the bottom of the track, just a small kicker and a different corner into the finish area.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dirt Jump road trip.

It looks like there is a road trip brewing. The May bank holiday seems to have lots going on for dirt jumping and 4x racing. Down in sunny Kernow the Track in Portreath have their 5th birthday, lots of dirt jumping and 4x racing. 1-4th may. I think I will be going here after the Southwest Drum and Bass Awards at the Eden Project on Friday night. Although it seems TT freeriders up in Bideford have a 4x racing day on the Saturday as well. A tough choice. I think as i'm still not riding DH or ment to be jumping or racing watching may be the order of the day. Failling that we will get the bbq fired up and head to the Mafia trails for some lowkey beer and dual racing. All welcome.

Date: 2nd - 4th May 2009
The Track stuff: An action packed weekend of riding and competitions, including: South West Regional BMX Racing round, 4X Racing, Slopestyle competition, MTB Dirt Jumping and BMX Dirt Jumping.
Guests: Grant 'Chopper' Fielder, Plain Lazy, DMR