Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More teasers

Mmmm, lots of wood cut up for shore building. There's loads of it and just next to the road.

Expertly built but poorly placed landing for the stream jump. As this is on a corner the stream is gradually under cutting the landing as you can see at the right of the wood.. The landing is on the inside of the bend where the water is slowest, leaving a deposit of small stones.This forces the water even wider to the outside of the bend where the take off is. As it goes wider the bank is being under cut. The take off ramp now has at least 6inches of over hanging bank underneath it. How long it will last I'm not sure.

Sam railing the last big berm. As you can see it is again very well made.

Now, there's a clue haha! Not too far from Okehampton or Exeter...Unfortunately the rest of the pics wern't that good. Lots more trees down so more work needed than previously thought. This might need a team effort to get riding from top to bottom.

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riderruncompany said...

looks good, you will have to show me some time..
im working tivy way again for a week or so, so if your about around 3.30/ 4pm i will show you the start of the new track that me and tappy started.