Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trail gold! part 2

Part 2, or the bottom half of the hidden trail we found today.
Here we come down into the final section, after the flatter jumpy top section we start to get some more berms and head to the special finish.

Some flatter turns lead into this wedge/step down, keep a high line left on exit as the next berm right is guarded by a tree. It looks like this has been taped off for racing. I'm not sure there's ever been a bike on it. No Tyre marks, nothing.

The Final big berm, these are well made, maybe a bit more dirt and they would be wicked and fast.

A poor picture of the shore section coming out of the last berm. The little kicker on the end is about a foot high. Just where I'm stood is another kicker a bit higher, it lands to flat which is a shame because...

This gives what speed you have

It brings you in to this with no speed! Right to left in the pic, the booter is about 2 1/2 foot high, the stream gap about 8ft and landing to flat in the very soft mud. A wooden landing and a clear run out wont take long and will be much fun!
A this track drys out I aim to get here a bit more and maybe try to find the builder/owner. Who knows maybe we can race it?

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