Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trail Gold! Part 1

There you go, some trail gold, gold fungus!

Hooorah! Finally we strike lucky, the Leprechaun Tom KP and I went on a trail search again like I always do when I can't ride, boat, surf or dig. This was a second attempt at finding some previously looked for works of earth art. Only this time we found um. Sweet. Now, it looks like this trail has been mostly made but never ridden, the workman ship is good with solid structures and clever ideas, the track flows well and looks like it will be pretty fast. It's not all that steep but with good contours, plenty of off camber and berms to rail it should be well fun. I would try and chuck in a few more techy natural sections, a bit of rockery if needed and then rag it from top to bottom.
The pics below aren't great but will give you an idea. I'd say top to bottom in 2 mins pinning it. It's not a rough track and a good hardtail would possibly be the fastest bike...There's a few trees down that need moving, lots of sweeping, some mud chucking about, a few other bits and bobs but should be ready to go real soon. Due to the location and not knowing the owner/builder status only a small group would be best. At this stage I'm gonna be mean and keep it stum. A bit of work first then race time!
Only 5 mins from a major dual carriage way to!

The Massive start ramp! Tom is the best part of 6ft ish..this has to be 10- 12 ft.
This starts a long-ish contouring pedelly start in to a little bus stop/hip. From here the trail winds down into another step down,not big but into an `s` berm affair, this shoots ya out into a bumpy bit over some badger holes over a bank (which could easily be developed more for a tougher section) and in to the lower section..

A booter to know where, the start of a new line we reckon. A prime site for trail development.
I seem to have lost loads of photos, I will post some more. Check Part 2.

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